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Speak up for community energy: Join the week of action

Join the Climate Coalition from 8th-16th October in a Week of Action to celebrate the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change – and make sure MPs feel that love. We’ll be seeing nature walks, tea parties, community energy visits and all sorts of other events to start those key conversations […]

26 September 2016

Hyperloop, Explore Transit Bus and THOR: the transportation of the future has arrived

Do you feel disappointed because the advanced transportation machines shown in futuristic films have not materialized yet? Flying cars and teleportation still remain  a utopian dream, however some transport of the future is already here (or coming very soon). Today we discuss 3 projects that are the crème de la crème when it comes to […]

26 September 2016

Success shines on Bristol Energy Cooperative

As Community Energy fortnight draws to a close, we’re delighted to share yet another local success story! This summer Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) smashed a £2m solar bond crowdfunding target to finance its 4.6 MWp solar farm near Puriton, Somerset. Around 350 people invested in BEC’s bonds, showing the level of enthusiasm in Bristol for […]

19 September 2016

Bright New Energy Efficient Lighting System Transforms Atmosphere at Carers’ Centre

During Community Energy Fortnight, we thought you might be interested in what happens to the grants awarded by Community Funds, in this case from Bath & West Community Energy. The Carers’ Centre, first established in 1996, supports individuals and families who look after their loved ones. The centre helps over 4000 people every year caring […]

08 September 2016

Community Energy Fortnight starts this weekend, how to get involved

The annual Community Energy Fortnight begins this Saturday. These two weeks give a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what’s been achieved in a very short space of time by the scores of community energy groups across Great Britain. Many community benefit societies will be running festivities and we’d highly recommend checking the websites of your local […]

31 August 2016

8 ways to reduce the environmental impact of your annual holiday

It’s perfectly natural to worry about the environmental impact of your holiday, but a few sensible choices along the way can significantly lessen those pangs of guilt. 1. Hire a fuel efficient or electric car For many people driving holidays might evoke memories of endless hours of small bored children constantly asking ‘are we there […]

29 July 2016