Media Releases

Bristol City Council, Social and Sustainable Capital and Triodos Bank collectively agree £4M this week. Also running crowdfunded bond offer – a 6% pa, 2-year bond offer 20th April 2016 – Bristol Energy Cooperative has this week signed agreements that add  £3.95 million of funding for its community energy projects. This takes the total raised since […]

The community energy company Mongoose has today announced it will launch an energy supply business, opening to customers before the end of the year. The launch will see Mongoose become the UK’s first supply company that is majority owned by community energy groups. JW Bode, CEO of Mongoose said: “This is a first for a […]

Seeks to raise £2m; strengthens board with two of community energy sector’s leading experts Following investor feedback, Bristol Energy Cooperative has relaunched its ethical, clean-energy bond offer, which gives 6% pa returns to those investing in the 4.6MWp solar array at Puriton, Somerset.  Funds from the bond will finance the purchase of the large-capacity array […]

Today DECC released emails to Carbon Brief, following a long-running freedom of information request, that undermine the government’s argument behind cutting their support for renewables. The redacted (classified as sensitive) emails can be seen here. The below is a response from Mongoose Energy’s Chair, Sir Ed Davey. “The lack of openness in this crucial LCF […]

The government today published its review of the feed in tariff scheme (download pdf). In short, this proposes an increased FIT for small projects, but cuts it for larger ones (over 1MW). And the government predicts 18,700 solar jobs could be lost as a result of changes to popular incentive scheme. Below is Mongoose Energy’s response: “By […]

Ed Davey, the former energy secretary recently joined Mongoose Energy as chair. We asked him what he thought would be the outcome from the Paris Climate Talks, which are taking place today. “My expectation is there will be a deal – the first ever that applies to all countries. My expectation is that it will […]

Mongoose Energy cooperatives make up five of top six funds and raised over £4.8 million A record £7.825 million has been invested in community energy solar projects by the British public in the month following the Treasury’s removal of Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief on community energy projects. 15 community benefit societies (bencoms) running solar […]

27 projects – from Sussex to the Shetlands and Carmarthen to Cumbria – open to let ethical investors access the 30% tax relief, which will end on 30th November. 10th October – In its October Financial Statement, the Treasury announced that investors seeking to back community-led renewable-energy projects will no longer be eligible for the […]