Changing the UK’s energy supply market

Power to the people

Heart of England Community Energy (HECE) is the UK’s largest community energy company. With the support of Mongoose Energy, a specialist community energy developer, we recently acquired existing solar farms near Stratford-upon-Avon capable of powering 4,500 homes a year.

We want to bring these solar farms into community ownership through the formation of a community benefit society. This means that our shareholders enjoy a target 6% interest* on their investment and the region benefits as we will use surplus profits to help tackle fuel poverty through a local community fund.

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Shareholders benefits

  • Financial - A target of 6% return*
  • Ownership - One share means one vote
  • Community - Direct say on community fund benefits
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Community benefits

  • Financial - local shareholders enjoying energy democracy
  • Environmental - supporting the growth of solar power across the region
  • Society - supporting groups that tackle fuel poverty

*Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

HECE solar farms by numbers

Equivalent of fifty football pitches

That’s two for every person who lives in Stratford-upon-Avon

Capable of powering 4,500 homes every year

Solar power can now provide up to 25% of the Uk's electricity

The shares are a long-term investment, but this is a limited time offer available until the 10 February 2018.