Our mission is to change the nature of energy ownership in the UK and put people at the heart of it. We are majority owned by the community energy groups we work with.

Mongoose brings together local people and commercial developers to identify, develop, finance, build and manage community-owned, clean energy projects.

What we stand for

We’re committed to promoting and developing a radically different approach to UK energy – one with people at its heart.

Project development

We provide the specialist expertise community energy groups need to bring renewable assets like solar parks and wind farms into community ownership.

Community partners

We work with community groups around the United Kingdom who are making clean energy projects happen. New and established groups are welcome to join us.


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what we stand for

Our community projects

*Investing in this Share offer may put your capital at risk. That means that you could lose all or some of the money that you invest. All investments carry risk and investors should take appropriate advice and make their own risk assessment whilst bearing in mind the social and environmental aspects of this investment opportunity. Please read the full risk warning on www.mongoosecrowd.co.uk/risk