Bristol Energy Cooperative

Offer Document

The information on this website is only a summary of the offer document.

Before applying for shares the whole text of the accompanying share offer document should be read.

Important information for prospective investors

If you are in any doubt about the information on this website, the content of the accompanying prospectus or the action you should take, you should immediately consult a person authorised for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, who specialises in advising on investment in shares and other securities.

Prospective investors should be aware that the value of the shares, which will not be quoted, cannot go up, but can go down. In addition, there is no certainty that investors will get back the full amount they invest.

Invest in renewable energy by buying BEC withdrawable shares, which make you a member of the community benefit society, giving you a vote and the right to interest.

By Investing in the BEC’s 2015 share offer to raise £2.8 million investment, you are helping to cut carbon emissions and fund renewable energy projects across Greater Bristol.

Investment product type Withdrawable shares. Withdrawable shares can’t be sold on to anyone else, but you can withdraw them by asking the Society to return your investment.
Financial return BEC are forecasting an annual return of about 5% assuming Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation is 1% for the next two years, but after that averages 2.5% per annum (in line with the long-term average). Returns to investors are not guaranteed. Read more about the project finances and additional debt finance on the Financial Performance section of the share offer document.
EIS Qualification BEC has received advance assurance from HMRC that this share offer will be eligible for EIS tax relief for the rooftop solar component. They have requested an extension of this advance assurance for the solar farm components, and expect to receive this assurance during this fundraise period. If you are a UK income tax payer you may receive up to 30% tax relief on your investment: this means that the effective annual return on your investment after EIS relief could be as much as 7.1%. Furthermore, funds held in EIS-qualifying investments are exempt from UK inheritance tax.
Minimum investment amount £50
Maximum investment amount £100,000
Minimum investment amount £250*(*local investors living within Leicestershire and Northamptonshire may invest a minimum of £100)
Tax considerations Interest is paid gross without deduction of any tax. You will also receive inheritance tax relief on these shares if they form part of your estate.
Voting rights This investment entitles you to one vote in the Society, no matter how much or how little you invest.
Qualification This investment is available to persons aged over 16 only.