Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy

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Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy (WWCE) is a practical outcome of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s deep commitment to the long term protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity.  They recognised that climate change presents a threat to the natural world, and understood that we must all do what we can to protect wildlife and biodiversity from the long term impacts of increased CO2 in our atmosphere.

They decided that the development of community owned renewable energy projects was a real way to promote sustainable living which underpins and supports there vision for the future.

The provision of significant local community benefits is central to WWCE’s vision. They will recycle 80% of surplus profits into local communities through a community fund with the remaining 20% going directly to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Chelworth is WWCE’s first solar installation: a 1MW ground mounted solar PV array adjacent to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Blakehill Nature reserve. The land had been used as a site for the NAAFI and other administration buildings (long since removed) when the Blakehill site had been an airfield during World War 2.

The recently completed a £2.6 million fund raise to build a 5 MW solar array, Braden Manor Farm. It is expected that construction will start soon on this project.

More details of WWCE can be found on their website