Why be part of it

The benefits of community energy are many:

Economic benefits:

  • Members have a direct stake in a local project and access to attractive financial returns.
  • Communities become less reliant on the ‘big six’ energy firms and foreign energy supply, and may save money on energy bills
  • It creates long-term, high quality local jobs and skills

Environmental benefits:

  • It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change
  • It can lead to the implementation of biodiversity management plans and the enhancement of wildlife habitats
  • It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels

Social benefits:

  • It provides opportunities for local participation
  • It gives voice to people’s interest in green energy, and may increase community awareness of energy use and its effects
  • It leads to the establishment of community funds that redirect profits back into the local community
  • It brings us closer to achieving energy democracy

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