Feed in tariff response and how it will affect community energy


The government today published its review of the feed in tariff scheme (download pdf).

In short, this proposes an increased FIT for small projects, but cuts it for larger ones (over 1MW). And the government predicts 18,700 solar jobs could be lost as a result of changes to popular incentive scheme.

Below is Mongoose Energy’s response:

“By preparing us for the worst possible scenario and then climbing down slightly, it feels like they’re trying to make bad news look good.

“The industry needs to be subsidy free in the long term, and can do it in the medium term. Mongoose is big enough that it probably won’t affect us, but the announcement will have consequences both the smaller players in the community energy market and the renewables industry in general.

“The FIT has, in the government’s words, ‘been hugely successful in attracting investment’ for renewables – and it has played a vital part in helping to slash the cost per unit of solar energy.

“But the FIT needs to be more than just a way to get people to invest in tiny projects if we are to meet the commitments that we agreed to in Paris [at COP21], to maintain energy security and diversity.”

JW Bode, CEO