In it for the long-term


It has been a tumultuous few days for the whole of the UK as we come to terms with the result of last week’s referendum. We all woke up on Friday to a new reality. And we will spend the next few months finding out what it means for us as individuals and as a country.

In the meantime, here in the Mongoose family, things continue to happen apace. Over the last few days Meadow Blue Community Energy announced its solar farm near Merston is connected to the grid, Wight Community Energy signed a deal with the Isle of Wight Council that will add £1.7m of funding taking the community energy organisation’s fundraise to over £5 million, and Bristol Energy Coop celebrated as its new solar farm in Lawrence Weston switched on and started generating electricity.

So community energy is powering on. In the short term, we will have to live with uncertainty. But in common with almost everyone who works to tackle climate change and make a difference in our communities, we’re in it for the long-term.

Our mission is to change the nature of energy ownership, generation and supply. And we remain absolutely focussed on that, whatever happens. Our community groups and investors have got involved with our projects because they believe in renewable energy as a force for good environmentally, socially and economically. That fundamental truth has not changed.

In terms of the renewable energy projects that our Community Benefit Societies are currently working on, there are a few things to remember.

  • Feed-in tariff subsidies have already been secured
  • All of the sites we are currently fundraising for are connected and operational
  • The minimum electricity price is fixed and linked to the retail price index

Community energy works. The sector has proved itself despite the odds time and time again over the last few years. We will always need energy to power our lives. Sun, wind and water will always provide it and we believe local people should benefit. Those principles do not change.

Our community energy projects are living proof that together, as communities, we really can make a difference. So let’s keep our nerve, stay true to our vision and keep working towards a greener, fairer future for our children.


Jan-Willem Bode,

Managing Director of Mongoose Energy

29 June 2016