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Operations Director

Mongoose Energy is an exciting new concept in the energy sector. We work with community groups, commercial developers and investors to bring energy assets into community ownership, with profits being used to bring benefits to the local community. We are also working on launching an energy supply business bringing locally generated electricity directly to people in the local community.

Since the beginning of this year, we have been focusing on developing a portfolio, a strong team of people and access to finance. We are now at the point in our development where we need an operations director, with the following responsibilities:

• Keep overview of all projects that are under development, in fund raise, in due diligence
• To support the managers in the identification of priorities, deviations and risks including the deployment of solutions designed to mitigate potential problems.
• Provide support to managers in the delivery of their plans as measured by agreed and published targets and objectives.
• Manage a team of about 8 senior people
• Support and facilitate the operational delivery of each business unit and ensure each is adequately resourced.
• Further develop, implement and monitor project progress systems, processes and procedures
• Develop and implement internal progress monitoring
• Maintain relationships with key clients
• Delivery of the support services (IT, HR, Marketing, Operations,) to ensure services are deployed and utilised in most effective manner.
• Work with the marketing manager to develop a marketing plan for the business as a whole and the individual equity fund raises specifically
• Manage the social media campaigns for the company and the fund raises
• To exercise sound commercial judgment in relation to resourcing, priorities and where appropriate, contractual issues.
• Provide regular briefings to the MD

For more information, please contact Jan-Willem Bode: by email , 07760 558 337, or skype: jwbode