At Mongoose Energy we are passionate about protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity. We encourage all the projects we are involved with to make a really positive impact on the local environment. In order to achieve this, we help our member community groups establish Biodiversity Management Plans.

Biodiversity refers to the variety of living creatures in a specific area, including animals, plants, microorganisms and the ecosystem that surrounds them.

The purpose of a biodiversity management plan is to set specific goals for each renewable energy site and establish how these goals will be met. It should include the protection of existing habitats and species, the introduction of new ones where appropriate, specific environmental improvements plus maintenance and monitoring.


Many of our sites host beautiful wildflower meadows. Planting native wildflowers supports bees as well as other pollinating insects.

Planting native wildflowers supports bees as well as other pollinating insects

The land under and around the solar panels is ideal for sheep. They can graze and take shelter around the panels.

Land around solar panels ideal for sheep

Wiltshire Wildlife’s solar array at Chelworth is home to the endangered Great Crested Newt. A pond was dug during the installation to further encourage their numbers.

Great crested newt
Wet areas on a renewable energy farm

All wet areas on a renewable energy farm, such as ponds or ditches are beneficial to invertebrates, amphibians, birds and reptiles.



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