Project development

We work with community energy groups to bring renewable energy assets like solar parks and wind farms into community ownership. The diversity of the services we offer, combined with our flexible working methods, varied project development and technology expertise, means we can meet the needs of any community energy group.

We work on a success fee basis and only recover our development costs and earn income when a project is successfully funded.

Our Project Development Services

Mongoose Energy - Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility assessment


The Mongoose feasibility study examines whether your community energy project can operate successfully and enables your community group to make sound decisions.

Mongoose Energy - Right Model

Right model


Renewable energy projects can be structured in numerous different ways. Choosing the right organisational structure can determine the success or failure of a project. The Mongoose team can explain the pros and cons of each model and give you advice on the best options for your project.

Mongoose Energy - Permits & Interconnection

Permits & interconnection


In order to build a community energy project, you need to undertake an environmental impact study, secure construction permits and gain other permissions. It’s also essential to gain interconnection approval so your project can feed electricity into the grid. We have the expertise to make that happen.

Mongoose Energy - Operational & Administrative Services

Operational & administrative services


We can provide company secretarial and corporate governance services, and support with the negotiation of all material commercial agreements.

Mongoose Energy - Fund Raising

Fund raising


One of our core competencies is ensuring that the community projects we support get financed. This can be done through a community share offering, or in combination with other financial instruments such as bank debt, short-term debt instruments or community bonds. We have been involved in successful financing for projects valued from £20k up to more than £6m.

Mongoose Energy - Share Offer Document (SOD)

Share Offer Document


Mongoose develops the highest quality Share Offer Document in accordance with all relevant regulations and legal requirements.

Mongoose Energy - Marketing of Shares & Community Engagement

Marketing of shares & community engagement


We will work with you to create a bespoke local and national marketing plan for your Share Offer Document including an attractive, accessible website, high profile social media presence and community engagement activities. The Mongoose marketing team has solid experience in all these areas.

Mongoose Energy - Acquisitions



We are always interested in acquiring projects and bringing them in to community ownership. This can be at any stage of the development process, but typically we purchase projects either “shovel ready” or post-build. If you have a project that you think could be of interest to us, please contact us here.

Mongoose Energy - Biodiversity Management Plan

Biodiversity Management Plan


Mongoose Energy works with community groups to establish site-specific plans that enhance biodiversity and create good habitats for wildlife. Read more.

Mongoose Energy - Construction



It is essential to have skilled project managers on site during the build process. At Mongoose Energy we have a number of people with a wealth of experience of this part of the project development process. Specifically, the interaction between the company building the solar, wind, hydro or AD plant and the organisation responsible for the grid connection requires a lot of attention.

Mongoose Energy - Optimal Monitoring

Optimal monitoring


In order to ensure that the community gets as much value as possible out of their renewable project, we monitor and optimise performance and ensure that sites are properly maintained.

By operating at scale, we are able to charge competitive rates for each of our services.


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