Response: FoI request undermines government renewable energy policy


Today DECC released emails to Carbon Brief, following a long-running freedom of information request, that undermine the government’s argument behind cutting their support for renewables. The redacted (classified as sensitive) emails can be seen here.

The below is a response from Mongoose Energy’s Chair, Sir Ed Davey.

Sir Ed Davey - Chairman of Mongoose Energy

“The lack of openness in this crucial LCF [Levy Control Framework] calculation is scandalous and highlights the Conservatives have no convincing evidence that justify their decisions to change green policy.

“By failing to use the 20% contingency on top of the LCF, which I had agreed with [George] Osborne, the Conservatives are butchering the UK’s renewables on the basis of Alice in Wonderland economics, and these emails confirm this. It is simply madness to slash long term investment to tackle a problem like climate change, just because the prices of fossil fuels have dropped temporarily.

“It is also clear from these emails that energy prices for consumers will not rise if the previously agreed 20% contingency for low carbon electricity is used – because that contingency should only come into play due to wholesale energy prices themselves being substantially lower, driving down net energy prices for people. Osborne’s decisions on renewable energy aren’t just bad for the climate, and bad for jobs and investment, they are irrational.”