Results of our fundraiser


On the 2nd of November we launched our ‘Your Green Energy SOS’ campaign in order to raise the necessary funds to build and maintain several community energy projects located in Bath, Bristol, Chichester, Nottingham and Kent.

With £4.8 million raised in one month, we are thrilled to announce that ALL projects will go head!


These past weeks of fundraising have been intense but the hard work was absolutely  worth it — together we have made it happen. Thank you all for your support!

With £4.806 million, funds run in association with community energy investment firm Mongoose Energy made up 61% of all funds raised for solar community energy projects and its five funds were all in the top six.

Jan Willem Bode of Mongoose Energy – which worked with Meadow Blue, Bath and West, and Nottinghamshire – said: “This exceptional rate of investment in community renewable projects shows there is wide-scale support for community energy to be a significant player in the industry in the UK. With it happening within a week of the announced plan to shut coal-fired stations, I think we will look back at this moment and realise this is the beginning of truly locally owned, low carbon power.

”While the removal of EIS is an odd blow for George Osborne to land on the same day as the UN Climate Change Conference, it has helped to raise awareness and interest in these opportunities and these investment figures shows that people want to invest in ethical, local energy sources.”

 Energy project funding