Changing the UK’s energy supply market

Local power for local people

Sheriffhales Community Energy (SHCE) is a local community energy company for local people. The 3.17MW solar farm was acquired with the help of Mongoose Energy in February 2017 and we are now giving local residents an opportunity to invest. Profits made by the solar farm will be delivered directly into the local community.

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Shareholder benefits

  • Financial – Target returns of 6% interest*
  • Ownership – One vote for each investor
  • Community – Direct say in community fund distribution
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Community benefits

  • Funds distributed to Sheriffhales and Communities’ Renewable Energy Committee (SaCREC) for use directly in the parish of Sheriffhales.

*Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.

The shares are a long-term investment, but this is a limited time offer exclusively for Sheriffhales residents available until 28th February 2018.