Speak up for community energy: Join the week of action


Join the Climate Coalition from 8th-16th October in a Week of Action to celebrate the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change – and make sure MPs feel that love.

We’ll be seeing nature walks, tea parties, community energy visits and all sorts of other events to start those key conversations about climate change. All this will either involve MPs or be showcased to them, so that politicians see, feel and hear how much their constituents care about what we could lose to climate change.

People all over the UK are organising events in their local areas, and we’d love you to be involved. See if there’s an event near you, and if not, please organise one! It doesn’t have to be complex. https://weekofaction.org.uk/


The Climate Change Coalition represents nearly a quarter of the UK population through major charities from the National Trust to Christian Aid and is seeking to galvanise all of our support this October during a Week of Action.

Members of our community renewable energy groups have already contributed to the transition toward clean energy as real life practitioners. Everybody likes to gather with friends and celebrate the places, food and people we love. So let’s celebrate, invite our MP AND speak up during the week of action.

For example, where I live, members of Avalon Community Energy and Sustainable Wells have organised a quiz on the carbon footprint of food as part of the fantastic Wells Food Festival. Our MP will pop by and we hope to engage hundreds of people over the day. (Who knew eating potatoes was so good for the planet?). So whether it’s a trip to your local solar farm, or a visit to your woodland please visit weekofaction.org.uk, join in or perhaps even set up an event in your community.

Find out more about the Week of Action here


Angela Terry MSC MEI

Energy Outreach Adviser, The Climate Change Coalition