Community energy investment

Seeks to raise £2m; strengthens board with two of community energy sector’s leading experts Following investor feedback, Bristol Energy Cooperative has relaunched its ethical, clean-energy bond offer, which gives 6% pa returns to those investing in the 4.6MWp solar array at Puriton, Somerset.  Funds from the bond will finance the purchase of the large-capacity array […]

Ed Davey, the former energy secretary recently joined Mongoose Energy as chair. We asked him what he thought would be the outcome from the Paris Climate Talks, which are taking place today. “My expectation is there will be a deal – the first ever that applies to all countries. My expectation is that it will […]

Mongoose Energy cooperatives make up five of top six funds and raised over £4.8 million A record £7.825 million has been invested in community energy solar projects by the British public in the month following the Treasury’s removal of Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief on community energy projects. 15 community benefit societies (bencoms) running solar […]

With our societies becoming more environmentally minded and with more people gaining interest in renewables, many of people have asked us whether Community Energy is a good investment. The answer is yes, and below we outline some of the reasons why. Because it’s good for the environment A one megawatt solar array or wind farm produces […]