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Colin Palmer is the chair of Wight Community Energy which has recently installed a 3.95MW solar farm, Homestead, on the Isle of Wight. It is all too easy to become despondent about the future of sustainable energy in these Trump-era, post-truth times. But look behind the political spin and shouting headlines and the facts say […]

According to data from the World Bank, the UK’s per capita level of CO2 emissions is 7.1 tonnes. To give that figure a little content, the United States has a per capita figure of 17 tonnes of CO2, while India sits at a mere 1.7 tonnes. There are large disparities from country to country but […]

After our first year in the community energy sector, we penned a piece for Business Green on how the industry (and government legislation) has changed in the past year and what needs to happen for it to grow further – with this came a first look at why we will be launching a supply business later this year.  To […]

The community energy company Mongoose has today announced it will launch an energy supply business, opening to customers before the end of the year. The launch will see Mongoose become the UK’s first supply company that is majority owned by community energy groups. JW Bode, CEO of Mongoose said: “This is a first for a […]

Why are Bee Populations Declining? For some time now we’ve been seeing headlines in the press talking about bee population decline. The reasons are many, but human action plays a key role in all of them. The continuing spread of farmland and the simultaneous destruction of wildflower meadows that support bee populations, the widespread use […]

A while ago we wrote an article titled Why Community Energy is a Good Investment, in which we briefly talked about the community funds groups set up and finance to the benefit of the local communities in which they operate. Now, one of our most successful member co-ops, Bristol Energy Cooperative, is fund-raising for new […]

Seeks to raise £2m; strengthens board with two of community energy sector’s leading experts Following investor feedback, Bristol Energy Cooperative has relaunched its ethical, clean-energy bond offer, which gives 6% pa returns to those investing in the 4.6MWp solar array at Puriton, Somerset.  Funds from the bond will finance the purchase of the large-capacity array […]

Community energy is cheap I was just reading the email from Regen SW about the meeting with Andrea Leadsom, Minister of State for Energy at DECC. It makes me realise again how poorly understood both the fundamentals and the benefits of community energy are. I personally find it quite incredible that the Minister of State […]

Today DECC released emails to Carbon Brief, following a long-running freedom of information request, that undermine the government’s argument behind cutting their support for renewables. The redacted (classified as sensitive) emails can be seen here. The below is a response from Mongoose Energy’s Chair, Sir Ed Davey. “The lack of openness in this crucial LCF […]