If you’re considering producing your own renewable electricity or investing in community energy one of the most important factors you need to learn about is the feed in tariff system. The feed in tariff, also known as FIT, is the system of subsidies the government pays to producers of renewable energy to encourage investment into […]

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we’re crazy about everything solar and green. Our particular focus is usually community energy, but there are many alternatives out there that are equally legitimate and important to the equation of building a more environmentally minded society and a healthier world for all of us to live […]

The government today published its review of the feed in tariff scheme (download pdf). In short, this proposes an increased FIT for small projects, but cuts it for larger ones (over 1MW). And the government predicts 18,700 solar jobs could be lost as a result of changes to popular incentive scheme. Below is Mongoose Energy’s response: “By […]

[Response from Mongoose Energy] Mongoose Energy Mongoose Energy is a company founded in 2015, working in the sector of community energy. We work with a large number of community energy groups, helping them with the identification, development, financing, implementation and management of clean energy assets. We have also recently obtained our electricity supply licence and […]

Introduction Mongoose Energy (ME) was set up to promote community ownership of renewable energy assets, and deliver the electricity of these assets to the people in those communities. Involved in approximately 85MW of renewable energy projects to be brought into community ownership, we have spent considerable time and energy on looking at different ways to […]