global warming

Last week the United Nations’ headquarters in New York witnessed the signing of one of the most important agreements ever brokered on a global scale – the Paris Climate Deal, which has become the conduit with which the world aims to tackle the problem of climate change. Reaching an agreement in December was only the […]

At last year’s COP21 summit in Paris one number was thrown around more than any other: two degrees Celsius, the agreed upon figure to which are supposed to limit global warming to avoid the most dire consequences of climate change. However, the way this figure is presented erroneously suggests that two degrees Celsius is the […]

Gone is the time when we could discuss whether Climate Change was happening or not, and whether we were the cause. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by our hydrocarbon-guzzling societies are slowly but surely driving global temperatures upwards, threatening us with all kinds of disastrous consequences. But despite this narrative being well established in our collective […]