According to data from the World Bank, the UK’s per capita level of CO2 emissions is 7.1 tonnes. To give that figure a little content, the United States has a per capita figure of 17 tonnes of CO2, while India sits at a mere 1.7 tonnes. There are large disparities from country to country but […]

One of the most frequent complaints of urbanites everywhere is the significant lack of plant life and green spaces in many large western cities. Cities are places where as many people are crammed into as little space as possible and which serve as nexus points for our societies’ economic activity. Moreover, most of the world’s largest urban […]

Today, over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and that figure is expected to rise to as much as 66% by 2050. Economic development and growth seem to be inextricably linked to urbanisation in our societies, and as more and more people abandon the countryside and concentrate in urban environments it becomes […]

Two months ago we published a post on how to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more environmentally friendly life. It mostly focused on things we could do in the home and in our personal lives, like eat less meat, drive less and carpool with others, or unplug every appliance in our home that has […]

Today we officially launch our Your Green Energy SOS campaign. Our goal: To raise £6 million by 24 November at 5 PM via 5 public share offers. By securing the funds we will be able to build and maintain several community-owned renewable projects which will generate a total of 25 MWp of clean energy per year – enough to supply the equivalent annual […]