Renewable Energy

According to data from the World Bank, the UK’s per capita level of CO2 emissions is 7.1 tonnes. To give that figure a little content, the United States has a per capita figure of 17 tonnes of CO2, while India sits at a mere 1.7 tonnes. There are large disparities from country to country but […]

After our first year in the community energy sector, we penned a piece for Business Green on how the industry (and government legislation) has changed in the past year and what needs to happen for it to grow further – with this came a first look at why we will be launching a supply business later this year.  To […]

Lately the renewable energy space is an almost constant source of good news. Renewable energy project development has kicked into high gear over the last few years, with 2015 breaking many records on a global scale. According to Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance report, investment into renewables in 2015 more than doubled that of fossil fuels, attracting […]

Today, over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and that figure is expected to rise to as much as 66% by 2050. Economic development and growth seem to be inextricably linked to urbanisation in our societies, and as more and more people abandon the countryside and concentrate in urban environments it becomes […]

If you’re considering producing your own renewable electricity or investing in community energy one of the most important factors you need to learn about is the feed in tariff system. The feed in tariff, also known as FIT, is the system of subsidies the government pays to producers of renewable energy to encourage investment into […]

Energy efficiency is a big deal. It can save you hundreds of pounds on your utility bills every year, increase the value of your property, and make living in it significantly more comfortable. Most importantly, it’s good for the environment: energy savings translate directly into reduced carbon emissions, so increasing the energy efficiency of our […]

On the 23rd of June, scarcely a little more than 3 months from now, the United Kingdom will hold a referendum to decide whether it stays in the European Union going forward. The issue is complex, and both sides have put forth dozens of reasons to support their positions, but what we’re especially interested in […]

Seeks to raise £2m; strengthens board with two of community energy sector’s leading experts Following investor feedback, Bristol Energy Cooperative has relaunched its ethical, clean-energy bond offer, which gives 6% pa returns to those investing in the 4.6MWp solar array at Puriton, Somerset.  Funds from the bond will finance the purchase of the large-capacity array […]

Two months ago we published a post on how to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more environmentally friendly life. It mostly focused on things we could do in the home and in our personal lives, like eat less meat, drive less and carpool with others, or unplug every appliance in our home that has […]