According to data from the World Bank, the UK’s per capita level of CO2 emissions is 7.1 tonnes. To give that figure a little content, the United States has a per capita figure of 17 tonnes of CO2, while India sits at a mere 1.7 tonnes. There are large disparities from country to country but […]

The community energy company Mongoose has today announced it will launch an energy supply business, opening to customers before the end of the year. The launch will see Mongoose become the UK’s first supply company that is majority owned by community energy groups. JW Bode, CEO of Mongoose said: “This is a first for a […]

If you’re considering producing your own renewable electricity or investing in community energy one of the most important factors you need to learn about is the feed in tariff system. The feed in tariff, also known as FIT, is the system of subsidies the government pays to producers of renewable energy to encourage investment into […]

For decades, the main factor sustaining the primacy of fossil fuels in our energy ecosystem has been lower costs vs. renewables (and powerfully entrenched interests and lobbying, but that’s another story). However, in 2014 and 2015 something big happened: for the first time in history renewable technologies reached a point where the cost didn’t skew […]

The government today published its review of the feed in tariff scheme (download pdf). In short, this proposes an increased FIT for small projects, but cuts it for larger ones (over 1MW). And the government predicts 18,700 solar jobs could be lost as a result of changes to popular incentive scheme. Below is Mongoose Energy’s response: “By […]

Last month saw a significant addition to the Mongoose team, with Sir Ed Davey, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, joining us as chair. During his time in office, he very much backed community energy initiatives, saying he wanted ‘to see a community energy revolution‘ and launching the UK’s first community energy strategy. Last week, at […]

Ten years ago, when our renewable energy outlook looked grim and there was a general feeling that even the most conservative of goals for renewable quotas would be missed, the notion of going 100% renewables was regarded as nothing more than a pipe dream. Since then the public mood around renewables and Climate Change has […]