solar panels

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we’re crazy about everything solar and green. Our particular focus is usually community energy, but there are many alternatives out there that are equally legitimate and important to the equation of building a more environmentally minded society and a healthier world for all of us to live […]

One of the most common objections to solar energy deployment is that the panels are “a blight on the landscape”, and to be fair there is some truth in that. Solar panels aren’t precisely pretty. They are black, dark green, or grey, mounted on large metal structures, and they don’t visually fit into the natural […]

Over the coming years energy needs are predicted to rise sharply. Yet, the need to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere grows more urgent by the day. The good news is that we are surrounded by more sustainable energy resources than we could ever need. In just one hour the sun provides more […]