Top 5 ethical and green Christmas gifts


Data from Google Trends suggests Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool are the most likely to give green and ethical Christmas presents this year, with Bristol notching up more searches than any other city for the term “green Christmas”. Cardiff (which clocked up 87% of Bristol’s searches) is second and Liverpool (with 82%) is third.

Google’s data also show the interest in giving green and ethical gifts is rising quickly, with more than twice as many UK searches for Green Christmas in 2014 as there were in 2010. And 2015 is on track to raise the bar again.

Angela Terry of Mongoose Energy says: “Having a Green Christmas doesn’t have to be more expensive, and may simply mean buying less, buying from local shops rather than Amazon, or supporting local producers.

“We’ve put together a gift guide with a few ideas, but there’s lots of initiatives and organisations that try to minimise their impact on the environment – from community energy to biodiversity to international aid.”



So, what are some of the best Green Christmas gifts out there:

Reducing CO2
Community Energy is a great way to invest in renewable projects such as solar, wind, and hydro schemes that deliver clean energy and keep profits in the community. The Meadow Blue Community Energy project in Sussex, for example, will be running education programmes to increase biodiversity and reduce energy poverty in the local area. And best of all, they also give great returns on your investment – up to 7% and (until the end of November) could also allow you to claim EIS tax relief of 30% on investments made.

Mongoose is the UK’s leading community energy investment firm, chaired by the former Energy Secretary of State Ed Davey. Over £25 million has been raised so far. Details of projects that are open can be found here.

Solar array by Mongoose Energy

Biodiversity and wildlife
Bees are a keystone animal in our ecosystem and are vital to many plants’ survival, including our food crops. Yet, Our bees are dying out fast and a huge reason for this is the loss of their natural habitat. They’ve lost 97% of their grassland habitats in the past 60 years.

The environmental charity Friends of the Earth has a Christmas Bee Saver Kit that starts at £15 and helps individuals / communities create habitats for bees. For more information see here.


Christmas Bee Saver Kit

Overseas aid
Oxfam undertakes life-changing work with communities around the world, be it teaching trades and skills, buying a goat, developing education programmes, providing emergency aid relief…

Presents range from just £5 and more information can be found here.


Great gifts by Oxfam


WaterAid international charityClean water
WaterAid is an international charity that works with local partners, decision makers and charities around the world. Its work is simple and effective… and transforms lives by improving access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

For more information visit here.


Children’s toysOrchard Toys, the most ethical toy maker out there
Want a classic gift that can be unwrapped more easily on Christmas morning? Ethical Consumer ranks Orchard Toys as the most ethical toy maker out there. From jigsaws to games to books, there’s a lot for small children to tear the paper off before you’ve even woken up. You can even have them delivered by Ocado.

For more information see here.