What we stand for

We’re committed to promoting and developing a radically different approach to UK energy – one with people at its heart. We help local communities gain ownership and control over the energy they generate and use, and make sure they receive the financial, social and environmental benefits it creates.

Powering this commitment is a belief that people should have a say in where their energy comes from and have influence over who benefits from its supply – something that is virtually non-existent today.

By supporting the development of community energy projects, Mongoose is helping to redefine the energy industry. Together, we are challenging a system that relies on carbon intensive fuel sources; prioritises centralised generation run for the benefit of large, remote corporations; and threatens UK energy security in an increasingly unstable market.

It’s no small undertaking but one that we know is possible. To help guide our activities, we follow these three key principles in everything we do:

  1. Prioritise community ownership
  2. Maximise community control
  3. Ensure local communities benefit

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