Who we are



We are all about making things better, not making more money. We’re majority-owned by organisations called Community Benefit Societies, which are legally required to trade for the benefit of the community. Each one is made up of a group of people who have got together in their local community to generate renewable energy from the surrounding sunshine, wind or water. The surplus profits these mini renewable power plants make are fed straight back into local charities and good causes.

We were created by Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE), a Community Benefit Society set up in 2010 to develop and manage locally-owned energy in their area. They successfully helped more than 12MW of community-scale renewable energy projects come to life in South West England. In 2015 Mongoose was established in response to demand from other community energy groups around the country looking for help from BWCE to bring their own community energy projects to fruition. We now have 48MW of green power pumping out of projects across the country, enough to provide for about fifteen thousand homes.

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