Work for Mongoose


Would you like to help with the future of Mongoose Energy? In our drive to increase community-owned renewable energy? If so, there may be an exciting possibility for you.

The story so far
In just two years, Mongoose has developed or acquired more than 55MW of renewable power, and now manages 65MW of green energy for 11 community benefit companies.
This makes us one of the largest players in the community energy space. We managed to get there using an innovative company structure and a great team of committed people, as well as a lot of cooperation from the community groups we work with.
And our future mission is clear – to take community ownership and benefit to another scale.

I’m proud to have led the Mongoose team during our breathless start-up phase. I have now stood down from as CEO of Mongoose, to allow new blood to lead the next phase – though at the request of Ed Davey, the Mongoose Chair, I’ve agreed to remain involved and supportive even as I begin new challenges.

And my question to you – can you help Mongoose find our next CEO? Could it be you – could it be someone you know?

The Mongoose challenge
Mongoose’s drive is a new way of doing energy – energy that’s green and energy that’s owned by the communities using it. That means increasing our power portfolio of solar and wind and other renewable sources. It means managing those community-owned assets efficiently. And it will mean extending this thinking into supply, focusing on new grassroots models of supply that embrace everything from smart and storage to the new IT platforms that will compete and beat the old-style centralised corporate utility.

So my successor needs to have both the passion for this mission – and the leadership, communication and financial skills to help Mongoose realise our full potential as a catalyst for community energy in the UK.

How to find out more
So if you or someone you know is up for that challenge, find out more today on our website :

We will be take applications to the end of April – so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for all your help and support for me and Mongoose. Together we are making a difference!

Best wishes

Jan-Willem Bode