Launching ‘Your Green Energy SOS’ campaign


Today we officially launch our Your Green Energy SOS campaign.

Our goal:

To raise £6 million by 24 November at 5 PM via 5 public share offers. By securing the funds we will be able to build and maintain several community-owned renewable projects which will generate a total of 25 MWp of clean energy per year – enough to supply the equivalent annual electricity demand of over 7,200 typical households and offset the production of 8,500 tonnes of CO2. Also we are expecting potential community benefit funds of over £12 million over 25 years.

By investing in one of our ‘YourGreenEnergySOS’ projects you will become a shareholder in the community group of your choice.

Why such a tight deadline?

We need to raise the necessary funds by 24 November in order to allow our investors to benefit from:

– EIS (30%) and SEIS (50%) tax relief which the Government has announced will be removed by the end of the month (you can read more about it here).

– Good ethical investment of up 7% expected return a year.

Reasons to invest:

Community solar is good for wildlife & biodiversity

Community solar is good for fighting climate change

Community solar is good for the local communities

Community solar is good for energy security

Community solar is good for your pocket

List of projects open for investment:


City / county Co-op Capacity Projected RoI Funding sought Projected community fund (over 25 years)
Kent Orchard Solar 5MWp 7% £1m £3m
West Sussex Meadow Blue Community Energy 5MWp 7% £640k  £4m
Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Community Energy 5MWp 7% £850k  £1.8m
Bath Bath and West Community Energy

250kWp solar

12kWp hydro

7% £600k  £150k
Bristol and Somerset Bristol Energy Cooperative 9.3MWp 5% £2.8m  £4.2m



Together we can make it happen.

Your Green Energy SOS

Photo credits: © Andrew Aitchison / 10:10.



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